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Faith Transcribed

Faith Transcribed

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Faith Transcribed is the ultimate subscription service that brings your incarcerated friend or loved one insightful transcriptions of religious sermons, teachings, and discussions.  

For many inmates, faith serves as a coping mechanism during the challenges and stressors of incarceration. It provides a source of hope, comfort, and inner strength, helping them navigate the emotional and psychological toll of being incarcerated.

Simply choose to be billed Monthly, every 6 Months or Once Per Year, with the options of inmates of receiving mail everyday, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Note Daily Mail Subscription, mailed Monday - Saturday. 313 days per year.

Simply click the faith of choice and they will receive transcriptions covering a wide range of religious topics, including sermons, lectures, panel discussions of the selected faith. 

Transcripts pages will vary depending on length of lecture or sermon normally 1-1 half hour.


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